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    Car Rental Services In Karachi, Pakistan

    Best Car Rental Service Providers

    At Nafees Rent A Car, we are dedicated to providing premium car rentals all over Pakistan. We have a fleet of the latest models of cars, an expert vehicle maintenance team, and robust car booking software—to provide you with excellent rental vehicles.
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    We pride ourselves on stellar services at affordable rates. To rent a car in Karachi, simply select your car on our website, provide us with basic information, including date and time, and we’ll send a prepped car with a professional driver to your doorstep.

    Car Rental Karachi

    We provide car rentals throughout Karachi for various expeditions.

    Rent A Car In Karachi For Shopping

    Need a comfy ride for a shopping spree around the city?

    Shopping in Karachi

    Karachi hosts a number of fantastic shopping areas. Whether you need to refresh household items, buy local or international brand clothing, or stock up on wholesale edible goods, you will find a market or mall for your needs.
    To make this shopping spree a relaxed one, why not rent a sleek car from Nafees Rent A Car? We offer car rental services with driver facilities for your trips to any of these places in Karachi.

    Famous Markets (Bazaars) in Karachi

    • Bolton Market
    • Empress Market
    • Paper Market
    • Soldier Bazaar
    • Sunday Bazaar
    • Tariq Road
    • Urdu Bazaar
    • Zainab Market

    Famous Supermarkets in Karachi

    • Al-Fatah
    • Bin Hashim
    • Carrefour
    • Chase/Chase Up/Chase Value
    • Imtiaz Supermarket
    • Metro
    • SPAR Supermarket

    Famous Shopping Malls in Karachi

    • Atrium Mall
    • Dolmen Mall
    • Lucky One Mall
    • Millennium Mall
    • Ocean Mall

    Rent A Car In Karachi For Weddings

    Make your occasions more memorable with a luxury ride!

    Weddings in Karachi can be as complex as they are enjoyable. After a whole day of rushing to sort gifts and get glammed up, the last thing you need is to worry about transportation to the venue. No worries—Nafees Rent A Car has you covered. We have a fleet of high-end cars with comfortable interiors to give you a hassle-free ride to get you to the venue on time!

    Chauffeured Car Rentals

    In addition to our car rentals, we also offer car driver services. If you opt for a rented car with chauffeur services, we will send you a skilled, licensed, and highly professional driver to your doorstep to pick you up and whisk you away to your wedding festivities securely and punctually.
    Rent a chauffeured car with us today!

    Rent A Car In Karachi For Airport Transfers

    A quick and relaxing ride to and from the airport

    Travelling can be quite a hassle. Starting and ending a journey right with a nice ride at the airport is vital. Let Nafees Rent A Car facilitate a fantastic car rental service with a trained driver for all your airport transfers. We are available 24/7 for airport transfer services in Pakistan.

    Executive Class Rent A Car In Karachi

    Luxury car, professional transport—a seamless executive experience!

    Nafees Rent A Car provides car rental services for various purposes, from casual to executive trips. Start your business deals in style to make a lasting impression by renting an excellent brand car, complete with a professional driver.

    Rent A Car In Karachi For One Way Trips

    Need a car for a one-way trip to your location?

    When it comes to one-way car rentals, and you need a comfy alternative to a cab or public transport, why not rent a remarkable ride at Nafees Rent A Car? We promise a smooth journey to any destination.

    Rent A Car In Karachi For Picnics

    At Nafees Rent A Car, we make renting cars in Karachi for picnics hassle-free!


    Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s mausoleum is an iconic landmark. The white marble structure is more than a remembrance of the founder of Pakistan; it is a recreation sport for locals and tourists, a monument that shines from a long distance.

    Visit Mazar-e-Quaid to pay your respects at the tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Fatimah Jinnah, and other prominent historical figures of Pakistan. The mausoleum’s surrounding scenic green grounds make for a beautiful picnic spot.

    Frere Hall

    Frere Hall is a historic landmark dating back to the British Colonial era. The architectural wonder was finished in 1865, originally intended to be the city’s town hall. However, it was repurposed as an exhibition space and library. It also serves as a famous recreation spot.

    The architectural style is based on Venetian Gothic and British buildings. The surrounding lush grounds make for a perfect outing to view delightful greenery. You can also go to any art shows at Frere Hall.

    St Patrick’s Cathedral

    St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the attractive post-partition structures in Karachi. More importantly, it is the first church built in Sindh, the official seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi. The church features Gothic Revival architecture and is large enough for more than 1500 worshippers at a time. While it holds service every Sunday morning, you can visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral any other day of the week to view its beauty—classic stained glass windows, large murals, and various dated decorations.

    Clifton Beach

    Looking forward to some beach time on your visit to Karachi? Head on over to Clifton beach for some good old fun with sun and sand, horse and camel rides, yummy food and strolls at the promenade, and an enchanting sunset that you don’t want to miss!
    You can visit Clifton beach during weekdays for some peaceful time or at the weekend to enjoy the cheery environment of the crowds of locals and tourists.

    Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Museum

    Featuring more than 30 aircraft, this museum is the place to view the country’s military magnificence. The PAF museum also displays Quaid-e-Azam’s personal aircraft, as well as an array of air force memorabilia and educational history material.
    The museum comprises shops set up by the PAF Women’s Association that sell fabrics, trinkets, and various locally-made goods. All proceeds go to the welfare of the museum’s struggling employees.

    Empress Market

    Empress Market has been around since the British colonial era with classic architectural designs. The market is one of the busiest places in the city; get ready to tackle the crowds if you plan on shopping there!
    You can find a large variety of goods at Empress Market—from everyday household goods to commercial production supplies.

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